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Primetrust Alliance Bank is a full-service Investment banking institution. The bank is geared towards providing a comprehensive range of specialist wholesale banking and financial advisory services on a national, regional and international basis. However, special emphasis is placed on quality investment banking and private banking activities.

Whether saving for retirement, college tuition, or that special purchase, Primetrust Alliance Bank has a savings plan for you. We have a number of flexible plans to accommodate different balances and different terms. Our savings account is a great way to earn interest while keeping your money available for emergency, health, vacation, or education needs. Our Certificates of Deposit (CDs) offer higher interest rates for investment terms from 3 months to 5 years.

Closely related to these concepts is the capability for giving top-flight financial advice and Primetrust Alliance Bank is particularly strong in this area. Additionally, the Bank focuses on regularly introducing innovative financial products within the context of the perceived needs of its clients, and the prevailing business and regulatory environment .

Primetrust Alliance Bank has been quick to capitalise on the wave of acquisitions and divestitures arising from the new opportunities presented by the gradual liberalisation of the investment climate. As a result, it is now widely regarded as a leader in the sophisticated transactions which are increasingly a feature of the European business environment.

Business Services:
successful businesses are what drive the economic health of the region. That is why we have a variety of business services tailored to organizations large and small.

Corporate Finance:
Primetrust Alliance Bank Corporate Finance Department has over the years developed a core competence in structuring large and complex corporate finance transactions in a timely and efficient manner. Our expertise is recognized both locally and internationally and we have built and maintained a strong track record in the European capital market.

Project Finance:

At Primetrust Alliance Bank Project Finance, our mandate is to structure innovative financing solutions to meet our clients' medium and long-term project needs; and to deliver these solutions speedily & professionally. We seek to build intimate long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring that we will be well placed to meet any major financing requirements that may arise, in addition to their on-going working capital needs.

Treasury & Fund Management:
Primetrust Alliance Bank provides efficient Treasury and Funds Management services, which are flexible and client specific to enable our clientele maximise their returns on idle funds. adopts an approach, which encompasses a complete understanding of the customers' business and needs. We channel our resources and innovative skills in a manner that has often challenged conventional practices but which undoubtedly has maximised the value and wealth creation capabilities of our clients.

Product and Services:

Primetrust Alliance Bank products and services are geared to provide liquidity as and when needed, reduce to a minimum, financial transaction costs and maximise yield on idle balances without sacrificing security.

Money market Instruments:
These instruments are typically short-term securities with tenors ranging between 30 days and 90 days and comprise Bankers Acceptances, Commercial Papers and Bank Guaranteed Commercial Papers issued by blue-chip companies. We offer very competitive discount rates on these instruments for a specified fixed tenor, subject to availability.

Interest Earning Checking Account:
This facility enables our clients to write large cheques while enjoying tiered interest rates on idle daily balances. Our interest-earning Checking accounts are an effective and cost saving means of making large payment to third parties for clients that maintain high minimum balances in their current accounts on a daily basis.

Foreign Exchange:
We maintain an active presence in the foreign exchange market and are well acquainted with the European foreign exchange guidelines. Through our relationship with our correspondent banks , we offer a wide range of payment services and transfers in major currencies.

Foreign Exchange Domiciliary Account:
We operate both Ordinary and Export Domiciliary Accounts on behalf of our clients in most of the major international currencies and we also offer competitive interest rates on surplus foreign currency balances placed with us.

Forward and Option Contracts:
In a segment that is still considered by many to be complex and risky, Primetrust Alliance Bank continues to demonstrate its depth of market knowledge and ability to provide a wide range of solutions to clients' needs by establishing itself firmly not only in the forward market but also with option contracts. Our clients are able to plan better and effectively control costs when they are assured of future availability of foreign exchange at a guaranteed price. Providing option contracts, which give our clients the discretion to transact a deal at an agreed rate in the future, has enriched the variety of available instruments for hedging purposes. The result of this approach is a flexible and reliable solution that meets the challenges facing every corporate treasurer in areas of sourcing for and managing a crucial resource that is in short supply.


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